My weekend

On my weekend on Sunday I went to Gators training.   Charlotte from my class was there but the training  was not on. My mum had to drop her off at home. The day before that I watched Youtube. I watched a video by ROMANATWOOD.  There was a killer clown on his porch. It was scary. There was another one and it Read More…


On the weekend I went to GIG4 holiday park.  It was fun:) but I fell over and it hurt so bad. I went swimming in the heated pool and it was soooooooo warm.  It was good.


On the weekend I played gta5.  It was fun.  I unlocked Trevors character, thats all i did:). I went to basketball training gaters.  After that I went to Jo,s and mowed the lawns.

BSPS FETE!!!!!!!!

Last Thursday I went to the fete.  The first ride I went on was the Bucking Bull.  it was EXTREME! I fell on my head and a kid laughed at me. Then I went on the Slippery Pig.  I went on it with Jurxhin.  wW played 3 games and he won them all.  After that Read More…


Today we went to PE.  We did soccer training.  It was group 3s turn and the first thing we played was golden child, then we played choco block.   It was fun.  Then we played fruit salad and it was  fun too.


Today the 17th October we went to Art. We are making a bowl out of a paper plate and wool.


This term we’re learning about something we want.  I’m learning about dinosaurs. Some of my questions are:  how long are they?, how tall are they?,  how old are they?, how heavy are they?. Today we are doing research.


On the 14th of September we went to the grade 6 expo.   Lots of classes went.  I did an activity  in a classroom that was Spain.  The activity was a basketball throw.  You got 3 shots to get it in a small hoop.  I got it in on the 3rd try and I got Read More…

Father’s Day

Yesterday the 5th it was Fathers Day.  I gave my Grandad a mug that said ‘Grumpy Old Bastard’.   Every one laughed except Grandad.  I also got pizza for lunch.  There was bbq chicken kabab and another one.  I had bbq chicken and it was yum.